SAMUDAY.GURU – A new way to learning online

Samuday Project

SAMUDAY.GURU – A new way to learning online


Our vision is to bring computers and the Internet to rural communities in Nepal in an effort to bring positive and sustainable education programs.

Logged On is helping with teaching and learning, offering greater diversity through the delivery of online education programs, and stimulating the curiosity of children so that learning can happen through discovery and self-instruction.

SAMUDAY has been created to cultivate an online community where learning can happen through peer-shared knowledge.

There are many websites that can help children learn curricula – maths, science, etc. But what about an online resource that allows children to share stories, ideas, art and aspirations? What about a platform for children to be able to work as groups on project-based learning initiatives?

Samuday allows children and youth from around the world to learn together in a supportive online space.

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