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We are supporting a growing number of orphaned children in the Gorkha District. Our sponsorship program covers all living and study expenses. It also supports infrastructure projects to create a better quality living and studying environment for the children.

Project details

  • Project : Child Sponsorship Program
  • Institution : Shree Bal Mandir Secondary School & Orphanage
  • Location : Chhahare, Main Bazar, Gorkha District
  • Date : Sept 2015 - Present
  • Category : Sponsorships,

At the end of our Earthquake Assistance Program work in Gorkha and having successfully help three schools in the district, a final request was made to help an orphanage. We visited the Bal Mandir Orphanage on our final day in Gorkha and saw that they were also heavily impacted by the disaster. The Principal was making preparations to take in more children who had lost one or more of their parents in the disaster.

Our project coordinator in Gorkha, Sital Maskey, is a well-respected businessman and philanthropist in the District. It was through Sital’s efforts and extensive network that we were able to complete our aid efforts. Not only were we successful at getting materials and transport at a time of shortage, competing with international and local NGOs, we were also able to complete commissioned projects and have them delivered and installed in schools within a matter of weeks.

After receiving and declining two offers of a wage for his outstanding efforts, we thought it would be polite to offer one last time. There was a partial acceptance the third time, Sital said “I cannot take the money for me, I am happy to give my time, but if you want to give, give it to an orphanage where I am Chairman.” We accepted his request and made a donation to the Bal Mandir Orphanage thanks to his generosity.

The orphanage, located within the Shree Bal Mandir School complex, lost an entire floor of an accommodation building. Some of the children were moved to a room in the lower floor and the rest of the children were forced to sleep in tents on the school playing field.
The Principal, Lumnath Lamichhane, was approached by community leaders in Gorkha about taking on more children who were orphaned in the disaster. Space was very limited, but when we returned in September 2015, Lumnath had taken on four new children and was doing his best to make arrangements for more.

The children were living in difficult conditions as a result of the increase in number and the lack of good accommodation. Following discussions with Lumnath and Sital, we thought that we could support them through a child sponsorship program, similar to the programs offer by some of the large charities.

Since 2015, we have been working with Bal Mandir to create lasting and meaningful changes by supporting the children through years of schooling, and by helping to maintain a positive living and learning environment. The contribution from sponsors are used for educational and living expenses including food, hiring caretakers, clothes and educational materials. Some of the funds have been used to improve infrastructure at the orphanage which was a priority after the earthquake for about two years.

Child sponsorships have been an effective and rewarding way for donors to help create positive futures for the children. We have been keeping donors in contact with their sponsored child through an exchange of letters and providing annual progress reports. All of the children understand and appreciate that there are families in other countries that are genuinely concerned with their welfare. That understanding and the exchange of personal letters has been empowering and has given many of them more confidence about their future.

Information about the process of becoming a child sponsor is available at the Child Sponsorship Program page.


earthquake report

Appeal Report

For more details, download a PDF copy of the  2015 Nepal Earthquake Appeal Report (3MB)