Shree Bal Mandir

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Installation of our first computer centre in the Gorkha District at the Shree Bal Mandir Secondary School.

Project details

  • Location : Chhahare, Main Bazar, Gorkha District
  • Institution : Shree Bal Mandir Secondary School and Orphanage
  • Population : Students: 330, grade 1 to 10 + orphanage
  • Category : Computer Centres,

The Shree Bal Mandir School computer centre was the first centre we installed in the Gorkha District. We have an ongoing relationship with the school that started in 2015 when we provided support after the earthquake. The school was seriously damaged and the orphanage which is on the school grounds was making preparations to accommodate children who lost one or more of their parents or guardians as a result of the disaster.

We are sponsoring the orphans at the school through our Child Sponsorship Program and have undertaken special projects to create a positive living and learning environment. More information is available at Child Sponsorship Program page.

We installed a computer centre with the following equipment and provided digital literacy training program for the teachers:

– Installation of a UPS battery backup power system for the computers;
– Installation of power points, electrical grounding and fuse protection to the centre;
– Setting up 10 Lenovo laptops with external keyboards and mice; and
– The purchase of an Epson LED projector for the school.

We would like to thank WorkSafe Victoria and Xtreme Adventures and their clients for their support.