Rebuilding a Gorkha School

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The rebuilding of the Shree Chandra Kala School that was destroyed in the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

Project details

  • Location : Takumajhalakuribot, Gorkha District
  • Institution : Shree Chandra Kala Lower Secondary School
  • Population : 300 (grade 1 to 8 + pre-primary)
  • Category : Infrastructure,

The reconstruction of a school building at the Shree Chandra Kala School in the Gorkha District was a new initiative that was born from our disaster assistance work following the 2015 Nepal earthquake.

Much of the funding to commence the rebuilding was raised from the screening of our documentary Earth-Q. The documentary is a record of our effort to help seven schools after the earthquake, the impact the disaster has had on rural communities, and the struggles they now face to provide a quality education for their children. We are also grateful to La Trobe University’s Nepalese Students Association for their very generous donation for the reconstruction efforts.

The school was completely destroyed in the disaster, and in June 2015 we were able to give assistance to the school by providing a water storage and filtration system and school bags and stationery for 250 students.

In 2016, we were able to secure permission from the Gorkha District Education Office (DEO) to provide further assistance through the reconstruction of a four-room building at the lower level, with the capacity to add an upper floor at a later date. The plans used for the reconstruction are for a government-approved, earthquake-resistant building. The DEO agreed to monitor the project to ensure that it follows government guidelines, and to audit the project on completion.

So far the building foundations, reinforcement, walls and windows have been completed with a floor and concrete roof to be completed in early 2018.