Nabin School

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The Shree Nabin School was one of seven schools we assisted following the 2015 Nepal earthquake as part of our Earthquake Assistance Program. We provided material for the construction of temporary classrooms.

Project details

  • Location : Shree Nabin Secondary School, Channedanda, Bhusapheda - 8, Dolakha District
  • Project : Materials for temporary classroom construction
  • Population : 350 students, 1 to 10 + pre-primary
  • Category : Disaster Assistance,

Out of the 14 classrooms at the school, 10 rooms were condemned by the government as unusable. When we arrived, around four weeks after the Dolakha aftershock, the school was erecting a large bamboo frame structure that eventually became a four-room TLC. There was one tent being used as a classroom that was provided by the Nepal Army – their base was located less than 200 metres away.

So they could resume classes quickly, the only option they had to run the remaining classes was to demolish the walls of the condemned classrooms that had an intact roof and support beams and continue teaching in these fragile structures. There was a serious risk to life if a large tremor occurred, but we imagined that the teachers ran through a number of drills to see how quickly the children could run outside the classroom.

We purchased and delivered 84 high quality corrugated iron sheets as the roof for the bamboo structure the school was erecting as four temporary classrooms. The future plan was to remove the sheets and use the CGI as roofing for permanent classrooms when they were constructed.

earthquake report

Appeal Report

Download a PDF copy of the  2015 Nepal Earthquake Appeal Report (3MB)