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Jalakanyadavi School

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Assistance was provided to the School as part of the 2015 Earthquake Assistance Program. A water filtration system was installed and furniture, books, stationary, white boards that were requested by the school was provided.

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Jalakanyadavi lost six classrooms in the quake and the only building that withstood the quake was a building made of reinforced concrete. The 350 students were either being taught in this building, sometimes several classes in the one room, or in one of the tents that was located at the entrance to the school.

The school had space for one of the trusses we commissioned which was to be used to house four classrooms. The total struc-ture size was 9 x 18 metres. The materials provided to the school included the pre-welded frames, 74 CGIS, installation materials including concrete for the foundations for the supporting beams, and transport and labour costs.

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