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Himalaya School

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Assistance was provided to the School as part of the 2015 Earthquake Assistance Program. A water filtration system was installed and furniture, books, stationary, white boards that were requested by the school was provided.

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  • Category : Disaster Assistance,

Himalaya was another school which experienced total destruction during the 2015 Earthquake. This was the largest school we assisted with around 650 students who were being taught in 12 temporary classrooms that had no walls, were constructed of wood frames and CGIS, and were all built within a tight space of no more than 20 by 60 metres. There was overcrowding in many of the classrooms with one class containing 87 students.

We commissioned the installation of a sand water fi ltration system with a 1000L holding tank and 500L drinking water tank, which we felt was an important contribution and one that would be able to meet the needs of the entire student and teacher population.

Himalaya was one of two schools where we installed the metal truss and CGIS roofing structure. The size of the truss built for this school, 6 x 9 metres, was the equivalent of two classrooms. Space was also an issue at the Himalaya school with many of the Temporary Learning Centres (TLCs) located on nearby land that was rented until debris could be removed from other sections of the school grounds and rebuilding completed.

However, there was some space available for the installation of the truss on school land.

Material in this school, and the other schools assisted in the Gorkha District, were transported with tractors as they were the only vehicles that could travel on what were very difficult and dangerous roads. One trip was required to take the water filtration system and a second trip required to carry the steel trusses, 28 CGIS, 10 bags of concrete, and roof installation equipment. We also provided the funds for installation and gave $200 to the school to have the foundations laid for the structure.

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