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Durga School

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The Shree Durga School was one of seven schools we assisted following the 2015 Nepal earthquake as part of our Earthquake Assistance Program.

Project details

  • Location : Magapauwa - 2, Dolakha District
  • Institution : Shree Durga Higher Secondary School
  • Population : 450 students, 1 to 12 + pre-primary
  • Category : Disaster Assistance,

At the Shree Durga School, out of the 28 classrooms that were being used before the earthquake, a total of 14 were condemned by the government as unusable.

Not only did this school and communities in the Dolakha District have to endure the fury of the first earthquake, the second large quake’s epicentre was in this district which added to the devastation.

The school was planning to erect four temporary classrooms using wood and tin sheets to handle the cramming in existing classrooms and to ultimately replace the existing plastic tarp classrooms which, at the time of writing, wasn’t holding up to the heavy rains.

We donated 84 corrugated tin iron sheets to the school so they could complete the construction of four temporary classrooms.

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