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Chandra Kala School

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As part of the 2015 Earthquake Assistance Program, a water filtration system was installed and furniture, books, stationary, white boards that were requested by the school was provided.

Project details

  • Location : Takumajhalakuribot, Gorkha District
  • Institution : Lower Secondary School
  • Population : 250 (grade 1 to 8 + pre-primary)
  • Date : June 2015
  • Fund : 2015 Earthquake Appeal
  • Category : Disaster Assistance,

Assistance was provided to the School as part of the Earthquake Assistance Program. During a field visit, the CEO of Logged On reported that the “Chandra Kala was the school that tugged on my heartstrings the most. They were probably the poorest community we helped and their school was completely destroyed except for one building which was the Principal’s Office. Their community gave so much of their time and eff ort into helping the school and helping us to complete our project at their school. They were very selfless in their giving.” The school is located at the end of a difficult road that was only accessible by tractor.

During our first visit, we brought stationery and installed a water filtration system that would service the school and the community. A 1000 litre holding tank, 500 litre drinking water tank and the sand water filters were supplied and installed at the school. We returned the following week to deliver stationery and other school teaching materials. The government pledged money to help with rebuilding some of the school, but it will not be near enough for a total reconstruction effort and further funding will need to be sourced from elsewhere. We would have liked to assist the school with metal trusses that we installed in two other schools, but there was no land available at the time to install the structure before the monsoon and the existing temporary classrooms could not be removed at the time.

There was also the issue of a lack of teaching resources and stationery, and children have never owned bags to carry their books and stationery to school. In addition to the water filtration system, we provided: 500 notepads; 750 pencils; 250 erasers and pencil sharpeners; 250 pens; 5 white boards with markers and erasers; 10 chairs; and 250 school bags, one for each child at the school.

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