Bal Mandir School

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Bal Mandir was one of seven schools we assisted following the 2015 Nepal earthquake as part of our Earthquake Assistance Program.

Project details

  • Location : Chhahare, Gorkha District
  • Population : 315 students
  • Institution : Shree Bal Mandir Secondary School and Orphanage
  • Fund : 2105 Earthquake Appeal
  • Category : Disaster Assistance,

We initially planned to help three schools in Gorkha, but we ended assisting a total of four because of the generosity of our Gorkha Relief Coordinator, Sital Muskey. It is customary for us to offer wages to local coordinators for their services, but Sital refused and asked that the wages be donated to an orphanage where he is the Chairman of the Management Committee.

At the time we were completing our disaster relief work in Gorkha, the orphanage had 10 children and was making arrangements with the government to accept children whose parents were killed in the earthquake. At the time of writing, four additional children had become part of the group.

The orphanage is part of Bal Mandir, a school with 315 children, which was also seriously damaged by the earthquake. When we arrived we saw four tents and two tin makeshift classrooms set up on the school ground. Some of the orphans shared one sleeping quarter around 3 x 6 metres since the floor above the existing sleeping quarters had been demolished by the earthquake and no more space was available. The rest were sleeping in the tents.

We accepted Sital’s request and made an additional donation to the school Principal in the form of a cash contribution to the orphanage.