Nepalese Cooking Classes

Bringing some of the best of Nepal to you!

Together with our partners, we’re helping to bring professional Nepali cooking classes at a commercial kitchen facility or in your own home, run by a qualified chef. Learn to prepare exquisite traditional dishes simply, using a unique blend of spices and quality ingredients.


Influenced by the cuisine of both neighbouring countries, India and Tibet, Nepalese cuisine is simple to cook and subtle in flavour. The most commonly used spices include cumin, coriander, turmeric, chillies, ginger, garlic, cilantro, Schewan Peppers (Timmur) and mustard oil. Lentils and rice form the base of most Nepalese meals, with meat is often marinated, grilled and served in skewer form, lamb sekuwa or goat with achar and rice flakes. Thukpa is a noodle soup that origionates from the northern Himalayan region, while momos (dumplings) are an all-time favourite.


Our Partner in Melbourne
Rajendra Pokhrel

Owner of Northcote’s Downunder Curry, Rajendra Pokhrel has been creating magnificent Nepalese dishes for decades. Under his direction, Downunder chefs work to create authentic dishes that even connoisseur Nepalese people in Melbourne really appreciate.

A 20 year veteran in Australia, Rajendra worked in a variety of cusine settings and holds a Certificate IV in commercial cooking. He has been head Chef at some of Melbourne’s finest South Asian restaurants including Shiraz and Natraj and started Downunder from scratch in 2003.

Experienced in teaching Nepalese cooking skills, Rajendra will focus not only on how to cook beautiful food, but how to navigate through the myriad of spices available to create a amazing dishes. He will teach you the skills and confidence you need to go home and cook delicious meals and treats.
“I was inspired and learned cooking from Nanna and my Mom who were considered the best gourmet cooks in our stretch of Nepal. I am excited to bring some secrets from the family to you.”

Rajendra Pokhrel

Downunder Curry Nepalese Cuisine
417 High St, Northcote VICTORIA

Secrets from the kitchen

Rajendra is passionate about his creations and is working with us to bring his decades of experience to our friends and supporters.

All profits from our cooking classes will go towards supporting kids in rural Nepal.

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