Logged On’s project team arrive in Astam, Nepal

Astam Arrival

Logged On’s project team arrive in Astam, Nepal

A warm welcome was extended to Mark Pinoli and Peter Bach from the Logged On Foundation team by Shree Bhumeshwor School teachers, children and parents on their arrival into Astam on 9th September 2011. The welcome ceremony heralded the start of Logged On’s three month effort to establish a computer centre in the village for the benefit of the community and to improve the education outcomes of the local children.

“We aim to see through the completion of the Computer Centre building and then install computers and the internet before we go” says Mark.

“We have stumbled on the first set of problems on day one” Mark reports. “Lightning struck a transformer that cut power to the village for over two months and the local authorities don’t have the funds to repair the damaged equipment. The builder has also shot through so the community is looking for another one. We will keep you posted!”

The team are scheduled to leave Astam by mid-November and anticipate the completion of the Centre buidling and installation of equipment within a few months so they can begin delivering education programs to school children and the community.

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