Earthquake Appeal Report

Earthquake Appeal Report

The reality for many children in communities seriously affected by the earthquake is that they have fallen into a three year educational hole that will be difficult to recover from.

Imagine trying to learn in a tin-clad classroom when it’s raining and you can’t hear the teacher and the classroom floor is flooded with water, or it’s so hot that you have to go out to cool-off, or so cold that holding a pencil can is difficult.

This is the reality for most children in the Gorkha District, the epicentre of the 2015 Nepal earthquake, who are currently learning in temporary classrooms after their schools were completely destroyed. They essentially need a new school and until they get proper classrooms, learning will be very difficult.

The Logged On team spent an intense month in June and July of 2015 executing a program aimed at helping to repair and revive schools affected by the disaster.

Donors have entrusted their gift to us for the betterment of the lives of others in a time of great destruction, irrespective of national borders, and we are proud to report on the success of that investment.














earthquake report

Appeal Report

Download a PDF copy of the 2015 Nepal Earthquake Appeal Report (3MB)