Andha Andhi Prakash School

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Installation of a new computer centre at the Andha Andhi Prakash Secondary School in the Syangja District.

Project details

  • Location : Shree Andha Andhi Prakash Secondary School, Bichari Chautara, Aathgharey, Andhikhola Rural Municipality, Ward No.3, Syangja District
  • Project : School computer lab & community computer centre
  • Date : May 2017
  • Category : Computer Centres,

The Andha Andhi Prakash Secondary School computer centres was one of two installed in the Syangja District in 2017, bringing the total number of centres in this District to four. This school was recommended to us by our partner the Nepal Rural Information Technology Development Society.

30% of the children are from traditionally marginalised/indigenous castes and most of the children can’t afford much in the way of stationery and school uniforms and normally don’t have lunch during the day. They have four poor quality computers and some are not working properly and there is no internet. There are 14 teachers and one computer teacher for the English medium.

In this project, we installed laptops with external keyboards and mice, NUC desktop computers with monitors, and a UPS battery backup power supply system. We also provided comprehensive digital literacy training for program for the teachers.

The computers enabled the school to teacher computer science, that, as described in the previous project, the Nepal Government had made compulsory. This has been a difficult policy to realise as many remote schools have no computers or old ones that do not work properly. In many cases, the subject is studied as theory from government issued textbooks. The computer facilities we provided helped students to develop competent, hands-on hardware and software skills.