Children everywhere have the right to a quality education

We are helping children from disadvantaged communities to participate in a global
community of online learning. We want to enhance the quality of education and help children realise their potential.

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Earth-Q Documentary Screening
Melbourne screening of Earth-Q the documentary will be held on 4 June 2016 at RMIT. For more details and tickets, visit:
Pathways Program 2014
Annual Report 2015
We are pleased to present our Annual Report outlining our work in 2014/15. Our most sincere thanks to our friends and supporters for your help. We could not have done any of this without you.
Helping Orphans
We are helping an orphanage that has been effected by the 2015 earthquakes. We are looking for sponsor of the children NOW.
Earthquake appeal – our progress so far
We are proud to report that the first phase of our assistance program has been completed. Please read about our work and our new program to help rebuild schools.

upper mustang

Our next project


We are leading a group of dedicated individuals and organisations who are committed to helping to build a school from the foundations up.
upper mustang

Upper Mustang Expedition


We are running an expedition to Upper Mustang to help raise funds to build a new winter school.

What does it take to make a real impact in rural Nepal?


Our CEO reflects on the years of work in rural Nepal and the benefits that technology can bring to less privileged areas of the world.

How are we helping?

We provide computers, the internet, education programs and have highly motivated teachers and professionals involved in our projects.



Computers and the internet are a vehicle for allowing children to learn, explore and participate in a global community of online learning.


We set goals on improving school results and stimulating the curiosity of children where learning can happen through self-instruction and peer-shared knowledge.

Digital literacy

Without digital skills, the existing inequalities between the developing and developed world will deepen.


We nurturing a local knowledge base that is required for sustainability.

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  • Computers and development
  • computers UN Global Alliance for ICT & Development 03.03.2013

    Education is widely regarded as being at the core, if not the primary driver, of socioeconomic development because it holds the potential of connecting people with opportunities that can improve their livelihoods… Information and communication technologies, if used effectively, have the potential to transform and drastically improve the state of education that exists in the developing world and is thus a key driver for all the work being done on education development (read more).

  • Hands around the world United Nations Development Program 03.03.2013

    With the right approach to community participation, computers and the internet have been shown to be capable of inducing social and economic development in terms of improved education, employment prospects, entrepreneurial possibilities and at the same time enriching local culture (Read More).

  • 102 UN Secretary-General 05.03.2014

    Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) “have become the great enablers of modern society, helping people communicate across distances and cultural divides, facilitating trade and commerce, and providing access to critical resources such as health care and education” (Ban Ki-moon)

Our Projects

Dhital Computer Centre
Baraha School: site of the second centre
Janakalyan Primary School
Astam village: Our first computer centre
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